Puppet in Thailand
  • 2 June 2018 at 13:45
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"Hun Thai" or Thai Puppet is performing arts which is inherited idea and method from wisdom of Thai since the past. It reflects to art and cultural which having exquisite carries a philosophy and beliefs of Thai society. The enchantment of art of puppet is various formats and stories interestingly. The performing arts of Thai puppet can using as a tool in Thai cultural inheritance with in the past until is adjusted to be contemporary Thai puppet show. Promoted creativity, application of useful for communication learn the story for a new generation and can choose to use media to present in term. The opportunity for generations at all ages as well as furthering the ideas and imagination. At present puppets are performing the duty of creating and fostering development in children, youth, and the community, following the principal that....“We don’t just let children build puppets, we let puppets build children.”